The Guardian December 13, 2000

The Perfect Diary 2001

Do you know when women first got the vote in NSW, the date the Chinese 
Communist Party was formed, or when the paper clip was patented? Can you 
give the date that the US banned racial segregation in schools or that 
Slavery Abolition Day is remembered in French Guiana?

Do you know when the world's first credit card was issued or when when Lady 
Godiva made her famous ride through Coventry?

Are Kelloggs cornflakes just another breakfast cereal?

Perhaps you were not aware that William Kellogg started his Toasted 
Cornflake Company in Battle Creek, USA, in February 1909, to make health 
products aimed at stopping manifestations of mental illness such as 

These are just a few examples of the thousands of pieces of information to 
be found in The Perfect Diary 2001.

For each day of the week there there is an assortment of trivia and notices 
of forthcoming events for 2001. No piece of trivia is too trivial.

On every left hand page there is an original poem, a piece of prose, a 
graphic, a photograph, or other artwork by famous and (as yet) unknown 
Australian writers and artists.

On the right hand page there is a proverb or quote and a background print 
of old food labels and other images from the past.

Every year Big Stick Productions calls for contributions to the Diary, and 
every year the collection of facts and events grows and becomes more 
fascinating  and some of it is even useful.

The Diary is a high quality production, A5 size, a week-to-an-opening, with 
a large section for notes at the back along with a set of Post-it Page 
Markers in five colours.

A fun diary, promoting Australian artists and writers, at the same time a 
useful diary.

The Perfect Diary 2001 retails for $24.95, available at most independent 
bookshops and through the Internet:

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