The Guardian December 13, 2000

Appeal to support Judge Gusman

Judge Juan Guzman has indicted former dictator Augusto Pinochet on 
kidnapping charges, ordering him to face trial over the disappearances of 
19 prisoners. He also ordered the 85-year-old former dictator to be held 
under house arrest.

Guzman, a federal magistrate who has led efforts to prosecute Pinochet, 
said Pinochet was also wanted on suspicion of being the "intellectual 
author" of a further 55 deaths.

The charges stem from the so-called Caravan of Death, one of the most 
notorious human rights cases during Pinochet's rule.

In the first weeks after the September 1973 coup led by Pinochet, military 
officers led a flying death squad along the length of Chile, pulling 
suspected opponents from jails for execution.

The Communist Party of Chile has issued an appeal in support of Judge Juan 
Guzman's decision to put Pinochet on trial.

Trade unions, political and social organisations and all progressives are 
urged to send letters supporting the decision to put Pinochet on trial.

Messages can be sent to:

Supreme Court President
Mr Hernan Alvarez
Fax: 0015 562 698 3561;

Crossbowmen Appeal Court
Mr Ruben Ballestero
Fax: 0015 562 696 3783;

Chilean President
Mr Ricardo Lagos
Fax: 0015 562 690 4020;
or 0015 562 694 5080.

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