The Guardian November 29, 2000

Expression of gratitude from family of Bartley Ho

Bartley Ho is a long-time resident of Ultimo, having spent more than 50 
years in the area. He has seen Ultimo rise from a humble working-class 
inner city suburb to a thriving much sought-after area attracting many 
peoples from all walks of life.

Bart (as his friends know him), is the eldest of four children, born in 
Brisbane, Queensland on March 10, 1948, to Melanesian/Chinese parents. He 
spent his first three years in Northern Queensland.

Family hardships with work brought his parents south to Sydney where they 
settled and made their home initially in Redfern.

Soon after, Ultimo became the family's permanent home, where Bart attended 
the Ultimo Public School, and found his first part-time job as a paperboy 
delivering the local Sun and Daily Mirror papers after 

He became an active member of the Socialist Party of Australia, always 
keeping in mind where his roots were and trying to make a difference for 
working-class people.

As a very proud merchant mariner, he had an interesting life of travel, 
which had taken him all over the world, and in that capacity on many 
occasions he participated as a union delegate offering assistance to his 
fellow workers wherever he could.

Bart officially retired this year after serving 30 years with the Maritime 
Service, and was looking forward to a long-awaited holiday in China.

Unfortunately, as fate would have it, he has been struck down with advanced 
pancreatic cancer.

Through his quiet unassuming nature, and because of the enormous amount of 
inner strength he has found within himself and with the support of the many 
friends he has made over the years through maintaining close connections in 
the community, he is taking this devastating situation in his stride.

Bart, his sister Lola, and brothers Bruce and Vincent, would like to extend 
heartfelt thanks to the many wonderful people who have given them the gift 
of their love and friendship to carry them through this very difficult 

* * *
Lola Simmons (New York)

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