The Guardian
Issue No: 1026November 22, 2000
Editorial: Free and fair?
The US election
Government's human rights disgrace
Solidarity for Fijian democracy
Queensland teachers defend public education
Capitalism's parastic glory
Three ships of shame, five dead
Ballot fraud and sexual harassment
NSW teachers: redundancy rush=crisis in morale
SRA staff hit, but millions for private line
Legal action may follow man's arrest
Heading for a big war?
Prague: the day the police raided a bank
Engels: "We are confident of victory"
The further mortgaging of India
Israeli escalation of "state terrorism"
Importing nurses: a money-making venture
All-India bank strike a success
USA: "The people's voice must be heard"
USA: Union voters made the difference
Balkan communist parties plan joint campaign
Culture and Life
So that's democracy:
International observers for the US election?!
Or maybe this is democracy:
Money and US politics
NATO instrument of imperialist power