The Guardian
Issue No: 1025November 15, 2000
Editorial: Howard's military agenda
$170 million rip-off:
ferocious attack on the poor
Celebrating 80 years of communist struggle
Protest now against new private school handouts
Nursing home disgrace
Esso faces mass court action
Gagging judicial dissent in NT
Food labelling in jeopardy
National train crew fight AWAs
Telstra plans 17,000 more job losses
Ships of shame condemned
Workers fight council
Prisons, profits and Governor George W Bush
Korea moves towards reunification
USA: Civil War continues
New Jersey police trial begins
Struggle for democratic rights
Debt relief campaign gathers momentum
WFTU says: "Support Russian farm workers!"
Globalisation stress
Culture and Life
Not quite the whole story, eh Piers:
A slime spreader on the skids
Corporate welfare for the privileged: Silly Duffer!
"Show 'em muck!": Melba remembered
The Murdoch hate machine