The Guardian November 8, 2000

Human slaughterhouse with 10,000 prisoners

Al-Makasib Prison, one of the most infamous prisons of the dictatorship 
in Iraq, lies alongside the road connecting Baghdad to its international 
airport. It is a large complex that contains nine huge underground cellars 
and 300 smaller cells.

The number of prisoners and detainees currently incarcerated in this human 
slaughterhouse is 20,105, including 1955 people who have been detained 
since 1980.

A cemetery is located close to the prison where hundreds of political 
prisoners have been buried following mass executions.

On the orders of the criminal Quassay Saddam Hussein, the dictator's son, a 
special site is currently under construction for carrying out death 
sentences, in addition to a hospital within the prison compound.

Sources have reported that the prison director is Special Security colonel 
Hilal Mudhayef Hamed, and his assistant is Special Security major Abbass 
Kadhem Alaa, both of whom are from Tikrif.

There are 53 prison wardens, mainly from Special Security forces, including 
a few from the Public Security Directorate.

The authorities have been giving special attention to this prison, as 
demonstrated by repeated visits by Quassay and other officials from the 
security apparatus. Quassay visited Makasib prison last June and inspected 
the newly built execution chambers.

Brutal treatment, torture, a deterioration in regard to health and food, 
and lack of other basic services have led to the death of many prisoners 
and detainees, as was the case recently when 13 died as result of 
continuous torture.

Most inmates are in a miserable state, and their situation has been 
exasperated during the hot summer as a result of the lack of drinking water 
and ventilation.

* * *
Center For Human Rights, Iraqi Communist Party

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