The Guardian November 8, 2000

Next stop Ohio

More than 500 people, including US Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers 
and officials from the European Union are expected to attend a conference 
in Cincinnati, Ohio on November 16-18. The Trans Atlantic Business Dialogue 
is to discuss trade, investment and ways to eliminate government 

Since Seattle last year when thousands of demonstrators converged on the 
city during a World Trade Organisation meeting, a pattern of protest 
actions against the total global control by the rich and powerful has 

Melbourne and Prague were the scenes of brutal police attacks against the 

Police in Ohio say that they are ready for any confrontation but 
acknowledge that most protestors who are gathering as a "welcoming party" 
will be peaceful.

"They've assured me that they're non-violent and I have no reason not to 
believe that. If not, we are well-trained in these things", said the police 
officer in charge.

Cincinnati police say the FBI and other law-enforcement agencies are 
helping and local authorities are ready to work 12-hour shifts.

Local airports say they plan extra security and will whisk the business 
leaders downtown when they arrive.

"We sure don't want to blow this", said a spokesman for the airport. "These 
are big companies. These people can make decisions on whether or not to put 
a plant in your area", he added.

One local group, the Coalition for a Humane Economy, said they expect some 
out-of-towners will join their protest. The group wants environmental laws 
written into trade agreements and would like to see ordinary citizens have 
some say in the trade process.

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