The Guardian November 1, 2000

Russian agro-industrial workers to take action

In the difficult conditions and the deplorable state of the national 
economy, the Trade Union of Workers of Agro-Industrial Complex in Russia is 
persistently fighting to defend the basic rights and interests of the 
workers and this vital sector of the national economy itself. Workers and 
trade union committees at all levels are taking action on November 21 and 
again in Moscow on November 28.

Among the main concerns of the workers is the present inadequate support 
given to development of the agro-industrial complex in order to end the 
present devastated conditions, and the need to re-establish the Fund for 
Social Security for this sector of production.

Workers are demanding a 10 per cent increase in the national budget for 
2001 for the agricultural sector, the elimination of the unequal exchange 
between agricultural and industrial products, which has now become all the 
more unfavourable due to the increase in the prices of oil and electricity.

The agricultural workers are also calling for a ban on the sale of 
agricultural land.

The Yelstin Government made attempts to break up the collective and state 
farms by privatising land which has remained publicly owned.

A statement by the World Federation of Trade Unions says the WFTU strongly 
supports the just demands of the workers of the agro-industrial complexes 
of Russia and calls upon all its affiliates and friendly organisations in 
all countries, to express their solidarity.

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