The Guardian November 1, 2000

Israeli dead end

Behind the manoeuvres going on in the Israeli Knesset to form a 
government of "national unity" is the reality that the decades long 
policies pursued by successive Israeli Governments, be they Labour or 
Likud, have landed Israel in a dead-end.

Israel was created by decision of the United Nations out of sympathy with 
the treatment of the Jews by the Nazis in WW2. It was an artificial state 
planted in the lands of the Palestinians even though historically, Jews 
also inhabited that region of the world.

Zionists took control of the new Israeli state and highjacked the 
aspirations of Jews from the four corners of the earth to which they had 
been scattered.

The Zionists pursued the aim of creating a Greater Israel by occupying more 
and more Arab land and forcing the inhabitants out. There were always ready 
justifications at hand to launch war against the Arab states and the 
Palestinians because Arab states opposed the decision of the UN (1945) to 
create a Jewish state behind which lay not a progressive concept but a 
racist one. (See article of Dr Budeiri p 8).

Whether it was war or the so-called "peace process" the objective was the 
same  a greater Israel and the expulsion of the Palestinians.

Even these complex problems would have been solved many years ago but for 
the fact that the US built up Israel as a predominant military and economic 
power to be used as a battering ram against the Arab states which possessed 
the world's largest oil resources.

Inevitably, the Arab states opposed these policies and although, initially 
weak, they have inevitably become stronger and more resentful of both 
Israeli actions and America's anti-Arab aims.

The US-Israeli aims were not only pursued by military aggression. The 
"peace process" was also about forcing the Palestinians to accept a 
colonial status, impoverished, weak, with a tiny divided geographical area, 
and a government which would do as it was told by the Israelis and the US.

All this has come tumbling down with the second Intifada  the really 
heroic struggle of the Palestinian people who have shown that they are 
prepared to suffer considerable loss of life in their unequal struggle  
stone throwers against the well armed Israeli armed forces.

What is Israel to do? Kill the Palestinians, four a day until they have all 
gone or been turned into refugees and fled their historic homeland? Can 
Israel launch a new all-out war against the Arab countries as it did in 

It might be thought that these aims would be implemented by an ultra-
conservative Israeli Government in which the two ex-Israeli generals  
Barak and Sharon  participated. And this is how it might turn out but in 
the end it will land Israel in the same dead-end it faces today. 

The present "peace process" has also been exploded as the fraud that it 
always was and is no longer an option unless Palestinians can be forced to 
accept a colonial status.

Given the realities of its geographical region, surrounded by Arab states, 
Israel has to make a genuine peace with them otherwise it will be the 
source of endless conflict, facing Arab countries whose populations will 
have nothing but hatred for Israel and whose states will become stronger as 
time goes on.

This is not the only question. Is Israel to forever remain a cat's-paw for 
United States interests in the region or will it decide to pursue policies 
in its own interests?

Although it appears that the majority of Israel's Jewish population 
supports their government's military operations against the Palestinians, 
reality and sanity must eventually emerge. They must get rid of the Zionist 
cancer and the US tutelage that has brought Israel to this present impasse.

It is a time for wise decisions but it remains to be seen whether Israeli 
leaders are yet big enough to change policies that will at last take Israel 
on to a new path and achieve its real security in coexistence with its Arab 
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