The Guardian October 25,2000

Youth Forum success

The first Communist Youth Forum was successfully held last Sunday 
October 22, with organisers believing it was the first step towards re-
establishing a communist youth organisation.

Billed as "an opportunity for young socialists to meet, learn, discuss and 
organise around issues affecting youth", the Forum was attended by high 
school and university students, and young workers.

"A lot of enthusiasm has been generated by the Forum. A number of people 
were unable to make it due to work or study commitments, but have pledged 
their support. We will definitely continue meeting", said convenor Andrew 

"As young communists we constantly find ourselves in the position of having 
to defend the Communist countries and socialism against the lies of our 
politicians and media.

"We invited speakers with experience to give reports on these issues, we 
can take this knowledge back to our classmates and co-workers and present 
the truth."

"We now have a network of comrades we can call on for support in the 

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