The Guardian October 25,2000

O20 violence

by Thalia Anthony

O20* gave me a taste of the violence that I never experienced at S11. 
Innocently taking my photos for Honi in the front row of protesters, police 
started pushing me and pulling my hair. The protesters around me were 
yelling chants about police brutality, but I just stood there in shock, 
trying to minimise harm.

Attempting to resist the 20 mounted police as they threatened the 200 
protesters however, was a futile struggle. No matter what I tried the 
police became more and more aggressive.

But I was heartened by the strength and solidarity against the exploitative 
agenda of globalisation. This time, however, we weren't protesting in front 
of the World Economic Forum, but rather a Young Liberal luncheon that cost 
$500 per head.

Speeches at the demonstration told of the crimes committed by Kerry Packer 
who has paid no tax for his media empire in the last five years, the 
monopolisation of Microsoft which continues to quash any from of 
competition, and the dozens of workers killed in building Atlanta Olympic 
sites which was mitigated in Sydney because unionised labour was employed.

The Labor Government ironically were the ones ordering police on to 
peaceful chanting protesters on October 20, last Friday. 

Steve Brack's congratulations towards the police in Melbourne for crushing 
the S11 protesters painfully rang in my ear. 

But louder and more powerful were the chants by protesters calling for an 
end to corporate domination.

* * *
*October 20 protest outside the Liberal Party's "Millennium Forum" in Sydney. S11 was the protest in Melbourne against the World Economic Forum (See Guardians September 13, 20, 2000.

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