The Guardian
Issue No: 1020October 11, 2000
Editorial: Israel's murderous aggressive war
No to war!
West Papua: Urgent appeal for action
Open letter to Prime Minister
ABC cuts: "Stop the rot!"
Victorian Government takes over private prison
Call to put Kakadu on endangered list
Mineworkers won't cop BHP
Asbestos ban long overdue
ACTU considers new bans on FIji
Australian Government allows
the free flow of racist slurs

Transport services at risk
Six myths about private schools in Australia
Truth: still the first casualty
Yugoslavia: revolution or coup?
Indian Telecom sell-off
Putin visits India
Czech Republic: Protests against police brutality
CPA statement on Yugoslavia
CPA statement on Israeli aggression
Culture and Life
Communist puppets: Czech under your beds!
Parasites afloat: The super rich infest Sydney Harbour