The Guardian October 11, 2000

Stop the campaign of terror against the Palestinian people

Statement by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Australia, 
October 8, 2000

* * *
The Communist Party of Australia denounces the latest aggression by Israel which has caused over 80 deaths and thousands of wounded among Palestinian women, men and children. These continued attacks prove that the Zionist regime in Israel is far from genuinely committed to the pursuit of a just peace in the region. The deliberately provocative visit of the leader of the right-wing Likud Party, Ariel Sharon, to the Dome of the Rock/Temple Mount, was the spark that lit the flame of anger among Palestinians, increasingly frustrated with the lack of progress towards a just peace. The calculated and cynical use of deadly force by the Israeli military, with the tacit support of US imperialism, to terrorise the Palestinian population in the occupied territories is a monstrous crime, and cannot be tolerated by the international community. The CPA deplores the actions and atrocities being committed by the Israeli army, most notably, the cold-blooded murder of children like Muhammad Al- Duraa and others whose terrified faces were not caught on video cameras. We denounce the hypocrisy of Israeli government leaders who, while shooting unarmed Palestinians from helicopter gunships, attempt to paint the Palestinians as aggressors and responsible for the violence. The crimes of the Israeli Government and army have, for the first time, brought Palestinians living in Israel into the struggle together with their compatriots in the West Bank and Gaza. This is an indication of the widespread revulsion towards the Israeli Government's war against Palestinians. There have also been demonstrations by Israelis who support a just peace. Military might cannot be an acceptable replacement for negotiation to resolve this long-festering conflict and build a lasting peace. The Communist Party of Australia reaffirms its solidarity with the Palestinian people in their struggle for self-determination and the formation of an independent state. We support the call for an independent, international investigation into the responsibility of the Israeli Government and army for the killings that have taken place. The Communist Party of Australia insists that a just solution to the Arab- Israeli conflict must culminate in the creation of an independent Palestinian state and the withdrawal of Israeli occupying forces from all occupied territories, including occupied East Jerusalem, as directed by UN Resolution 242. This must also include the release of all political prisoners and the implementation of the "Right of Return" of the Palestinian people who have been dispossessed and forced from their land and homes since 1948.

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