The Guardian October 4, 2000

Denmark: Danes say NO to Euro

"For the third time, the Danish people have made it clear that they do 
not wish to be part of the European Union", said the Communist Party in 
Denmark (KpiD) in a statement issued following a referendum on the Euro. 
The voting was 53.1 per cent against and 46.9 per cent in favour of 
adopting the Euro.

"That means a Danish NO to the joint European currency, and a yes to our 
own currency, and thereby a yes to the possibility of a sovereign economic 
policy", said KpiD chair, Betty F Carlsson.

The referendum campaign was extremely intense. The were numerous threats 
from the YES campaigners  the parties in government and the corporations 
 threats of higher interest rates leading to higher unemployment and an 
increase in rents.

Their propaganda denied the threat EU-integration posed to Denmark's system 
of collective social rights financed through taxation.

"The Danish people rejected the propaganda of terror, and voted for 
sovereignty and democracy", said Ms Carlsson.

The Danish people's NO must now be recognised.

This is the third time that the Danish people have said NO to EU 

"In 1992, the NO from the Danish people to the Maastricht Treaty was a NO 
to the construction of the European Union, for which the Maastricht Treaty 
was the constitutional foundation.

"In 1993, that NO was confirmed at the referendum on the 4 Danish 
exceptions from the Maastricht [Treaty], one of which was participation in 
the third phase of the Economic Union, the EMU", said the KpiD statement.

"Now Danish politicians must recognise the message and act accordingly."

The KpiD called for a new government programme, "which is consistent with 
the Danish people's position on the EU".

"We now have the opportunity to discuss our problems and make our own 
decisions on the development we want for our country.

"At the same time, the referendum will inspire other peoples of Europe, 
also fighting against the EU-development in their countries, with hope and 
strength", said the KpiD statement.

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