The Guardian
Issue No: 1018September 20, 2000
Editorial: Olympic scoreboard
Melbourne S11: CPA statement
Mangrove massacre
paves way for cyclone devastation

ABC "plumber" really a corporate butcher
Commonwealth Bank fees hike
IR taskforce report is not a union wish list
Globalised "education market"
Cuban sporting spirit
Truckies boycott oil companies
World March of Women
Joy mining workers holding the line
Olympic shadow over Australian civil liberties
S11: "The whole world's watching!"
Anti-IMF demonstrators flood into Prague
Prague: IMF/World Bank meeting
Havel to meet FBI's Prague boss

Debt cancellation backed by 22 million signatures
Africans spurn US loan offer to anti-AIDS drugs
Army must sack murderers
Welfare's end at hand
Report recommends businesses
be subject to "Mutual Obligations"

Culture and Life
"Profitable": Atlanta Ballet taken on a merry dance
Art and capitalism: Casino's, cars and canned laughter