The Guardian September 20, 2000

World March of Women!

The World March of Women in the Year 2000 is a worldwide women-led 
campaign aiming at the elimination of violence against women and of poverty 
worldwide, which we see as inter-related. Women working on the seven-month 
campaign have developed a list of world demands as well as a subsidiary 
list of Australian demands.

These demands include the cancellation of Third World debt, an end to 
structural adjustment programs, the implementation of legislative 
frameworks to ensure that rights to pay equity, employment, decent housing, 
education, health care and social protection, life-long income security and 
a minimum social wage are protected.

Women in 157 countries women have worked together to develop this campaign.

Many events have already been held around the country over the course of 
the past six months since the launch of the campaign on International 
Women's Day and many more are planned in the lead-up to October 17.

The contacts below will be able to give information on forthcoming events 
in your area. More details will be published in the next issue of
The Guardian.

Jo Dillon (08) 9362 3482 (h)
Ruth Ellis 0427 650 013 (mobile)

Linda Shallcross (07) 3366 6985 
Mary Ziesak (07) 3880 0164
Brenda Lewis (07) 3207 0024

Margot Roe (03) 6223 6152
Andre Poppleton (03) 6231 3212

Marilyn Rolls (08) 8269 3879
Cathy Picone (08) 82964357

Pam Greer (02) 9699 3517
Lynne Smart (02) 9749 7700

Betty Mawdsley (02) 4971 3507

Lorraine Spears (02) 4324 2533

Sheila Byard
(03) 9376 7870 or (03) 9654 7409
Diane Alley (03) 9827 2363

NATIONAL: WMW 2000 National Co-ordinating Committee
GPO Box 2094, Adelaide SA 5001
phone: 08 8296 4357

web site for Australia:
web site for overseas:

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