The Guardian
Issue No: 1017September 13, 2000
Editorial: Restoring the Olympic spirit
Successful protest at World Economic Forum
Australia suspect in release of weapons
Police violence at World Economic Forum
Police go on the offensive at WEF
Operation "Urban Warrior"
ALP sells out Queensland Aboriginal people
Third World sweatshops in our backyard
Behind Howard's UN lecture tour
Need for equitable globalisation
UN Millennium Summit:
NOGs assail UN ties to corporate-led trend

Missing from UN summit: American influence
Can the IMF be reformed?
Fidel Castro speaks to UN Millennium Summit
Britain: New warnings on BSE
Community solidarity wins Pepsi strike
Panama: The not so inoffensive visitors
Ireland: British Consulate bunkers down
Culture and Life
Clans and cover stories: Dateline's pulp fiction
Tobacco industry strikes back