The Guardian September 6, 2000

After S11 the struggle continues

Tens of thousands will be on the streets in Melbourne next week, 
protesting as the big business leaders attend the World Economic Forum and 
their model of a global economy. During the week the will many other 
activities where alternative ideas for policies and future actions will be 
exchanged. The actions in Melbourne are part of a growing worldwide 
movement against the agenda of the transnational corporations and 
international bodies such as the International Monetary Fund, World Bank 
and WTO, that enforce their policies. Following S11 there comes:

PRAGUE September 23-28

The annual meeting of the IMF and the World Bank will be held in Prague 
during this week. Tens of thousands of protesters are expected from all 
over Europe and further afield to voice their fervent opposition to the 
policies of these organisations which are bringing unemployment and poverty 
to millions of people.

It is these organisations which are forcing governments to cut welfare 
programs, privatise everything, slash living and working conditions and 
destroy long-held democratic rights.

They represent the real evil empire of the transnational corporations.

HAVANA November 10-14

The people of Cuba invite you to join their friends from around the world 
for a week of informational, cultural and social events at the Second World 
Meeting of Friendship and Solidarity in Havana.

As we enter the new millennium they are calling on all who oppose the 
blockade against Cuba, regardless of ideology or creed, to show their 
rejection of a policy that attempts to stifle by force the legitimate 
aspirations for independence and sovereignty of the Cuban people.

More than 4000 visitors to this solidarity action and conference are 
expected. For more information look up the website

QUEBEC April 2001

There is to be an anti-capitalist convergence. Quebec City has the dubious 
honour of hosting the Summit of the Americas which brings together all 
leaders of North, Central and South America (except Cuba).

Quebec will be turned into a militarised zone as the heads of state and 
their big business pals, gather for a series of meetings, photo-ops and 
lavish banquets.

HAVANA April 25-27, 2001

At this time the 4th International Conference on May Day will be held. The 
Cuban Workers' Confederation (CTC) and the Historical Institute of Cuba 
invites researchers, scholars, journalists, trade unionists, information 
specialists, institutions and organisations to participate.

It will also be an occasion to participate in Cuba's May Day celebrations.

ALGERIA August 2001

The 15th World Festival of Youth and Students will be held in Algeria. The 
Appeal to attend this Festival says: "World peace and security today are 
threatened by imperialist domination, intervention and conflicts. People's 
basic rights are deprived by neo-liberal policies. Exploitation and 
repression are world-wide.

"The global struggle of all democratic, progressive and anti-imperialist 
forces is urgently needed."

There will be many other events to become involved in in the coming 12 

Defeat imperialist globalisation. Join the journey to justice, freedom and 
peace. There is a world to win!

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