The Guardian
Issue No: 1015August 30, 2000
Editorial: The oil game of musical chairs
Extreme danger: military's new powers
South Australian marine environment
struggles for protection

Increaed handouts to wealthy private schools
GM crop spills
Height of corporate irresponsibility
Universities' business arms losing money
Refugees treated like criminals
Queensland land clearance
Another attempt to thwart collective bargaining
Bridgestone dumps tyres and jobs
We've had the pain, let's share the gain!
Howard' dangerous values
Deregulation hits dairy farmers
Kursk disaster: how, who, why?
Who presses the trigger?
30,000 firearm deaths annually in the USA
Britain: microwave drivers
Kurds bombed by Turkish & US planes
Preserve India's multi-cultural,
multi-religious society

Iraq sanctions condemned
Join the S11 cavalcade to Melbourne
Culture and Life
Cold War breaks out: The Kursk disaster analysed
Preparations for Prague actions