The Guardian August 23, 2000

Clinton planning new war against Yugoslavia

With opinion polls running against his chosen successor, Al Gore, 
Clinton together with other NATO powers, are stepping up provocations 
against Yugoslavia. The Russian Vice-President of the State Duma, Vladimir 
Lukin, has warned that Clinton may "organise an action, in particular, in 
the Balkans, to help Al Gore's prospects in the November elections. Clinton 
is eager to win in an international arena to help his Party. We need to be 
prepared for high risk, and it's better not to beat around the bush", said 
Mr Lukin.

Last week, NATO troops seized a lead smelting works in the Serb part of 
Mitrovica and occupied the town where thousands of Serbs, Gypsies, Slavic 
Muslims and others driven from the rest of Kosovo lived side by side with 
local Serbs, Albanian and others.

The Yugoslav newspaper Borba describes the situation. Northern 
Mitrovica had been defended by mass, non-violent action from UN police 
abuses and from vicious armed assaults by KLA forces trying to take 

This popular movement infuriated the NATO humanitarians, hence the invasion 
by French and British NATO troops.

They claimed to be curbing "violence" and limiting pollution at a smelter. 
This coming from the same military forces that had bombed Kosovo for more 
than two months and used depleted uranium shells, is disgraceful hypocrisy.

(The Zvecan lead smelting plant has been in operation since 1939. It has a 
306 metre high smokestack and is equipped with installations for purifying 
waste gases in which more than 10 million German marks have been invested.)

NATO's real goals says Borba are to crush resistance to KLA fascism 
which NATO and the UN have installed elsewhere in Kosovo and to position 
NATO troops close to the administrative border between Kosovo and inner 

Gore's runningmate

Recently, says Borba Al Gore announced that Senator Joseph Lieberman 
will be his Vice-Presidential running mate. Lieberman said in April last 
year "the United States of America and the Kosovo Liberation Army stand for 
the same human values and principles. Fighting for the KLA is fighting for 
human rights and American values." (Washington Post 28/4/99).

Recently, George Bush commented that if elected he would immediately issue 
an arrest warrant for Yugoslav President Milosevic.

Amazing isn't it, says Borba, how casually these men, even half-wits 
like little Bush, no matter how limited their abilities, assume imperial 

Thus  poof  and little Bush issues his threat to arrest the President 
of a sovereign country. How does one arrest somebody else's President?

No problem, didn't big daddy once pulverise a smaller country, Panama, 
supposedly to arrest its President? This is Rome, complete with cruelty and 
greed. All that's missing is brains, said Borba

Being close to the administrative border with inner Serbia, it would be 
easier for NATO troops (after a suitable provocation is arranged) to attack 
inner Serbia from the south and, simultaneously, to support provocative 
action by the weak, gangster-ridden, quisling regime of Montenegro.

This is the emerging scenario that might give Clinton the possibility of 
repeating the performance of Maggie Thatcher who won an election on her war 
in the Falkland Islands.

With the heightened danger of renewed US and NATO aggression it is not 
surprising that the Yugoslav army is reported to have sent three trainloads 
of battle tanks to the Montenegro port of Bar which is considered to be a 
likely assault point for an invasion of Montenegro.

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