The Guardian July 19, 2000

Joy workers keep up the struggle

The Joy Mining Machinery lockout is continuing, with 70 workers voting 
to strike rather than cave-in to management demands. Joy wants to de-
unionise the workforce and lower their wages and conditions.

The three-month-old lockout at the Moss Vale (NSW) plant was originally due 
to end last Wednesday, July 12, with management threatening a further 
lockout until September if workers did not agree to their hardline agenda.

The workers considered the offer, and then voted to strike for a month. Joy 
has since re-instated the lockout.

Joy workers, who are members of the AMWU, AWU and ETU, had been negotiating 
a new enterprise agreement with management, but walked off the job in April 
when management threatened to close the factory and began moving unfinished 
jobs offsite.

The workers rejected key demands by the company, including replacing a 
single enterprise agreement with four different agreements for different 
parts of the workforce.

"We wanted one agreement with all workers and we wanted information from 
the company about our long-term security", said Joy union delegate, Robert 

The workers were concerned that this was a "divide and conquer" tactic by 
management and believed that the real aim of the company was to introduce 
individual contracts and non-union labour, as well as to allow the sale of 
parts of the operation.

The Joy workers and their families need moral and financial support in 
their campaigning for a decent collective agreement and employment 

A fighting fund has been set up and you can make contributions at any 
Commonwealth Bank with the following details:

Account name: Joy Workers Fighting Fund
Account number:  062576
Identification number: 10103983

Or call AMWU delegate Alan Ward on (02) 4229 7611 for further information, 
or if you would like a speaker to address your workplace.

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