The Guardian
Issue No: 1008July 12, 2000
Editorial: Prime Ministerial junkets and federation
No to star wars!
Continue campaign for
a progressive tax system

S11 world TNC jackals
gather in Melbourne

Is it sport anymore?
Medicare under attack again
Melbourne unionists protest
against weak compensation rights

Unions' global action against Rio Tinto
Victorian forests face woodchip onslaught
The demutualisation of the NRMA
Kill for the dole
The killing of Shaka Sankofa
Star Wars making nuclear war "winnable"
Fiji: A conservative government
based on racism will fail

Mongolia: landslide win for communists
Mexico: a break with the past
Culture and Life
"Enlightnened science" and the Truth Campaign:
Watch your ideology if you like animals
A tale of two pills:
Reactionaries keep the pressure up
US wars of aggression and intervention