The Guardian July 12, 2000

S11 world TNC jackals gather in Melbourne

Trade unions, environmental and other community organisations are 
plannning a range of activities to voice strong opposition to the World 
Economic Forum to be held in Melbourne September 11-13. 

It was a meeting of the World Trade Organisation in Seattle that brought 
thousands onto the streets in protest last year and, together with the 
strong opposition of Third World countries, prevented the WTO from making 
more decisions to advance the interests of the transnational corporations 
(TNCs) which would inflict more poverty and unemployment on the world's 
working people.

The World Economic Forum is bringing 2,000 leading businessmen and other 
invitees to Melbourne. It will take place in the Melbourne Casino and will 
undoubtedly be protected from the anger of demonstrators by thousands of 
police and private security agents. The World Economic Forum says that its 
foundation members were the 1,000 "foremost global companies in the world 
today, which are driving the world economy forward".

Those who constitute the Forum "are members of the different clubs 
established to bring together individuals committed to strengthening 
international cooperation in their particular fields. Each group is 
private and admission is limited in order to preserve their peer 

Industry Governors are another part of the forum structure and are 
"exclusive groups made up of the chief executives of the most important 
companies in key industrial sectors."

Not only does the Forum pay attention to the elite among the business world 
of today, it is planning for tomorrow by including "some 600 men and women, 
under 45 years of age, who constitute the new generation of global 

Media and cultural figures are not forgotten as they play an important 

Media leaders are said to be "those with most influence within the world's 
media groups whose inclusion in our activities both guarantees credibility 
and impartiality (sic) and adds value for participants."

The cultural leaders are "100 distinguished figures from the world of arts" 
who, so the Forum leaders hope, will prostitute their art to paint the 
corporate leaders in rosy colours.

The Forum says that it "is the foremost global partnership of business, 
political, intellectual and other leaders of society committed to improving 
the state of the world."

Rubbing shoulders at the Melbourne Forum are many of the biggest of the big 
Chief Executive Officers of the TNCs and their local political 
"collaborators"  John Howard, Peter Costello, Alexander Downer, Bob Carr, 
Richard Alston, John Fahey and Ian Macfarlane (Governor of the 
"independent" Reserve Bank of Australia).

Among the celebrities are numbered Microsoft's Bill Gates who has been 
charged with corporate mal-practice by a US Court.

The Forum claims that its strength lies in the strength of its 
"communities". The reference to "communities" has nothing to do with the 
people who walk the streets, or do the work in offices, shops and 

"Communities" means the business communities who have a common interest in 
keeping the overwhelming majority in society "in their place" as meekly 
compliant wage-labourers to be exploited and cast aside whenever they can 
no longer be useful.


A range of activities are in the course of preparation to voice opposition 
to the agenda of the World Economic Forum.

In Melbourne, forums, rallies, vigils, pickets and street demonstrations 
are being planned. Various organisations including the Victorian Trades 
Hall Council are involved.

In Adelaide the United Trades and Labor Council is planning to hire buses 
to carry participants to Melbourne.

Perth has an S11 committee.

In Sydney the Communist Party of Australia is preparing to hire a bus and 
it is to be hoped that student organisations will also participate.

There will be a diversity of interests and organisations, all of whom have 
common interests in opposing the anti-people agenda of the big 

The demands being made by protesting groups include the cancellation of all 
IMF and World Bank debt; the democratisation of these organisations; the 
reversal of government policies attacking trade union rights; the 
imposition of binding environmental codes on the TNCs; cancellation of laws 
discriminating against Third World countries; the implementation of a 
democratic and fair trade system which is to the mutual benefit of all 
countries; full payment for working people for the work they do.

Through this Forum, world capitalism, whose image has been undermined by 
the universal poverty, unemployment, wars, environmental devastation its 
programs have brought about, is attempting to put a "human face" on its 
real avaricious and bestial character.

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