The Guardian June 21, 2000

Lies coming unstuck

Mesmerised by their own lies and misconceptions over decades the western 
media continues to pour vitriol over the Democratic Peoples Republic of 
Korea and its leader, Kim Jong Il, even after the obvious was forced on 
them at the Summit meeting just held in Pyongyang.

Reporters admitted that Kim Jong Il was highly civil, courteous, a genial 
host, statesmanlike and witty whereas they had been presenting him as 
"unpredictable" and "one of the world's reclusive despots". Having never 
been to North Korea, the journalists pronounced the north as a country 
where the people are "savagely oppressed" and where the economy is 

It is the western world and the people of South Korea who have been 
brainwashed. South Korean students have been told that northerners were 
"horrid little people". "I was even told that they [had] little horns on 
their heads" said one South Korean student. 

Instead of starving masses lining the streets of Pyongyang there were 
600,000 North Koreans, many dressed in National costumes and waving pink 
flowers. "The trip", says one reporter, "was a master stroke of public 
relations by Kim Jong Il."

Irrefutable evidence

However, the press uniformly continues to assert the lie that the war on 
the Korean peninsula in 1950 was started by a northern invasion of the 
south. Irrefutable evidence shows the opposite to be the truth. Many 
statements by South Korean and US leaders at the time show that it was the 
south which launched the first attack.

For years the border established at the 38th parallel after the troops of 
the south, backed by all the might of the US, failed to crush the north, 
has remained one of the most sensitive borders in the world. The US army 
has remained in occupation ever since. The maintenance of this American 
foothold on the Asian continent has depended on the depiction of the north 
as a "rogue state" which, they allege, is always on the verge of attacking 
the south and that it is about to develop nuclear weapons which is another 
of the perennial lies unchallenged by western journalists.

What is a fact, is the erection of a wall by the Americans which stretches 
from one side of Korea to the other. It is clearly visible from Panmunjon 
the military station on the border between north and south. Thousands of 
journalists must have passed through the wall on visits to Panmunjon from 
Seoul, the capital of the south, but it is one of those unmentionables that 
our "honest" journalists choose to ignore as they bend the knee to US 

With peace breaking out and the prospect of reunification in the air, the 
justification for the stationing of American troops in South Korea is 
removed. Watch out for provocations!

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