The Guardian
Issue No: 1003June 7, 2000
Editorial: The process of monopolisation
Dairy farmers fight milk monopoly
Fiji: opposition to coup grows
Forest destruction. Report suppressed.
Reconciliation walks in Perth & Brisbane
Papuan People's Congress
declares for independence

A thousand cuts for the ABC's independence
Teachers' struggles
MUA takes Federal Minister
to court over cabotage

Coal industry needs regulation
Corporate grip on the arts
Telstra tricks
The laws of gravity and the balloon
Russia: New president the same but worse
New war threats in Middle East
Russia-Belarus-Yugoslav Union
Sierra Leone:
Diamonds are imperialism's best friend

Yugoslavia rebuilds rail bridge bombed by NATO
Japan: "Divine nation" brings a storm
Mick Dodson: Let the journey begin
Culture and Life
Ideological progress: Just passing through!
Revolutionary fervour: A bookish tale
Loot from the USSR: A glimpse inside the bourgeois mind
Changing the course of history: A flight of historical fancy