The Guardian June 7, 2000

Russia-Belarus-Yuglslav Union

A delegation from the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union of Russia and 
Belarus has visited Yugoslavia and held talks with Yugoslav parliamentary 
representatives on the question of union between the three countries. This 
idea was first raised by the Yugoslav parliament at the height of the NATO 
bombing in April of last year. 

Anatoly Lukyanov who is a member of the legal commission of the Russia-
Belarus Assembly said that all matters concerning Yugoslavia's accession to 
the union were being considered, especially Yugoslavia's inclusion in 
economic and political cooperation.

A Belarus representative told the meeting that some western European 
countries, which are trying to force the unipolar world model on all 
countries are worried by the setting up of the Union which might disrupt 
their plans. He said that a majority of people in both Russia and Belarus 
support the concept of Yugoslavia's accession.

The delegation reiterated unreserved support for Yugoslavia in its efforts 
to resist pressure and maintain independence. Russia will always be on the 
side of Yugoslavia said the representatives.

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