The Guardian May 31, 2000

Top capitalists meet

The uppermost echelons of the capitalist elite will be meeting on June 
1-4 for one of their so-called Bilderberg Conferences. The decisions of 
these captains of big business are then passed on to governments to be 
implemented as public policy.

It's a safe bet that their deliberations will be concerned with ways to 
increase their profits and their power. We can expect further moves to 
remove "impediments" to trade, such as legislation on trade union rights 
and industrial health and safety regulations, environmental protection laws 
and measures to protect local farmers, industry or culture.

This year's Conference venue is the Chateau Du Lac Hotel, 15-20 kilometres 
outside Brussels. It is a fair bet that the event will be marked by 
protests and demonstrations, as people's anger at the wholesale destruction 
and impoverishment being caused by big business policies takes concrete 

The current Bilderberg chairman  he chaired his first Bilderberg meeting 
last year in Sintra, Portugal  is Viscount Etienne Davignon. Here are 
just some of the positions held by this highly influential man, as 
unelected as he is unknown to the general public:

Vice-Chair of the European Commission in the 1980s.

Chairman of Societe Generale De Belgique, a massive banking and utility 
conglomerate in Belgium.

Chair of the shadowy European Round Table of Industrialists (ERT), who 
formulate policy for the European Commission to implement. (Not suprising 
then that most of the directives coming out of the EC are monopolistic and 
pro-big business.)

Founder member of and President of the Association for the Monetary Union 
of Europe.

Member of David Rockefeller's Trilateral Commission and of the European 
Institute in Washington.

Director of mining corporation, Anglo American plc. 

In his position as Industry Commissioner in the 1980s, Davignon was 
instrumental in turning European institutions from supporting small 
business to supporting big business. He did this by getting European 
industrialists, through the ERT, to draft Euro-policy, an anti-democratic 
practice continued to this day.

If you can't go to Belgium to give Davignon and his rich and powerful 
friends a piece of your mind, send them a fax to let them know what you 
think of their corporate policies: fax number is 0015 32 2-655 7444.

Power Elite Public Information Service

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