The Guardian
Issue No: 1001May 24, 2000
Editorial: Country-city alliance
Unite to fight Reith's new anti-union laws
Fiji's community condemns coup
Corroboree 2000: reconciliation & recognition
Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty review
Government undermines public schools
Shut down World Economic Forum
TAFE picket line attacked, but solid
Childcare workers seek wage rise
Community picket against Joy Manufacturing
GST wage campaign under way
Maralinga revisited
Double blessed by water
"Free trade", private hospitals and sovereignty

USA: Shorter hours possible and overdue
Book review: How Aborigines are Robbed
John Godschall Johnson
South Africa: paralysed by general strike
Palestinian anger erupts
Dramatic IRA move lifts Irish peace
India: 25 million strike against BJP policies
Interview Erica Glynn
Culture and Life
British hospitals to get airline food?: The health system up in the air
Digging up the past: Stalin rises