The Guardian May 24, 2000

Stand up for global justice!:
Shut down the World Economic Forum!

In September the World Economic Forum will hold the Asia-Pacific 
Economic Summit, "Asia/Pacific in the 21st Century: Leveraging the new 
drivers of growth". The summit is jointly sponsored by the Business Council 
of Australia and the Australian Davos Connection (the Australian arm of the 
World Economic Forum) and will take place at the Crown Casino, Melbourne, 
over September 11-13.

Participants are being lured to the summit with the opportunity to "meet 
key leaders from business, politics and academia at a time when the eyes of 
the world will be fixed on Australia, and they may coordinate their 
participation in the Summit with the Olympic Games."

The World Economic Forum is an organisation made up of the richest global 
companies. For the past 30 years it has held regular summits and meetings 
aimed at "managing globalisation".

Every February in the Swiss mountain resort town of Davos, over a thousand 
of the world's CEOs meet along with a restricted list of politicians, 
academics and influential media who are invited along.

Discussions range from how to manage the Asian economic crisis to the 
internet revolution, all with the aim of extending market and corporate 

Like the World Trade Organisation, the Forum is a means of promoting global 
policies aimed at weakening labour, removing environmental protection and 
intensifying the transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich.

At Seattle last year, at Davos in February this year and recently in 
Washington, coalitions of trade unions, environmentalists and human rights 
activists protested against the global aims of the rich and powerful. In 
September this year such protests will continue.

The S11 Alliance is a coalition of unionists, environmentalists, students, 
human rights activists and community campaigners. Join them in organising 
the mass rally for global justice and the environment this September.

This is an important call to action! The Olympic year offers an opportunity 
to draw the media's attention to the real purposes of the World Economic 
Forum while the whole world is watching Australia.

We are in the midst of a global movement against the unelected global 

To ensure that we are able to organise a successful protest of the neo-
liberal policies promoted by the World Economic Forum we need to be 

You or any organisation should be involved in ensuring an alternative to 
the policies of global elites is heard. 


Viviane Lerner

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