The Guardian May 17, 2000

Join People's Walk for Reconciliation

The CPA Secretariat calls upon every single Party member, all Party 
supporters and Guardian readers to take part in the demonstrations 
and other activities on May 28 and during Reconciliation Week, May 27 to 
June 3.

The theme of the week is "Corroboree 2000  Sharing Our Future". May 27 is 
the anniversary of the 1967 Referendum in which more than 90 per cent of 
Australians voted to give the Commonwealth power to make laws for 
Aboriginal people and for Aboriginal people to be counted in the census.

June 3 marks the anniversary of the High Court's Mabo judgement in 1992 
which overturned the notion of terra nullius and recognised native 
title rights.

Hundreds of thousands of people will walk in these demonstrations  all 
who are for justice and the rights of the Indigenous people, all who 
recognise that the time has come to end forever the policies of 
discrimination and racism.

You can make your voice heard. Join the marches and demonstrations to take 
place on May 28th in all capital cities.

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