The Guardian April 19, 2000

Walking the land for our ancient right:
From 10th June, walking to Sydney for September 2000

This historic walk is a journey for peace, freedom and healing the land 
and its peoples. We walk for the sovereign rights of Aboriginal peoples to 
our lands and our culture. The walk will begin from the shores of Lake 
Eyre, in northern South Australia, on the 10th of June, walking to the 
Sydney Olympic Games, arriving September 2000.

We are walking in honour and respect for our ancient rights and law-ways, 
for freedom and our obligation as carers for our country.

As we walk in the footsteps of the ancestors and the tracks of the animals 
and the flight paths of the birds, we will travel from the old lake, 
crossing the desert, sandhills, plains, ranges and crossing the mountains 
to the sea.

We will celebrate and affirm our obligation as the carers for country.

We will carry the peace fire to heal and warm the hearts of all peoples.

All peoples are welcome to come and join the walk, to share this 
experience. Bring your message to the world, your spiritual symbols, music, 
songs, dances, poetry, swag, transport, food, medicines, and love for 

On the 10th of June we will travel from the shores of Lake Eyre, walking to 
Marree, Copley, Nepabunna, Beverley Uranium Mine, Lake Frome, Broken Hill, 
Wilcannia, Morree, Dubbo and onto Sydney. At each community we will be 
joined by the traditional carers for the country and all other peoples are 
welcome to join the walk at any point along the journey.

This walk will be led by Arabunna Elder Kevin Buzzacott.

Kevin Buzzacott
PO Box 28
South Australia 5733
Tel. 0417 838 906

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