The Guardian April 19, 2000

Third World Summit Declaration

The G-77 Summit of third world countries held in Cuba from April 12-14 
adopted a political statement and action program. The following are some of 
the main points in the political statement:

* globalisation in which principles of justice and opportunity for all 

* respect for the sovereign equality of states, independence, territorial 
integrity, free determination, non-interference in domestic affairs, 
peaceful solution of conflicts and the right of any nation to choose its 
political, economic and social order;

* establishment of a more just and equitable international economic system, 
which offers all nations security and continually increasing opportunities 
to raise their living standards;

* an environment of interdependence is more crucial than ever. Developed 
nations must act in solidarity with the South and "fulfill their historic 
responsibilities regarding the development of our countries";

* reverse the increasing differences between poor and rich through 
promotion of equal growth, elimination of poverty, creation of more jobs 
and development of social integration;

* formulation of collective solutions to world problems and, with this, the 
search for concrete mechanisms to guarantee the full, efficient and equal 
participation of South nations in making international decisions.

The Action Plan adopted by the G-77 meeting said that relations with the 
North must change so that the poor really have the right to make decisions 
regarding world problems and so that North-South collaboration can be 

Real success will be seen when the proposals in the meeting's final 
documents are achieved.

This is a challenge impossible to ignore. This is about human survival.

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