The Guardian April 12, 2000

Special Guardian appeal

Time and computer technology is marching on. The Guardian has 
been using a very old computer software called WordStar and some of the PCs 
we have been using were originally bought about 12 years ago.

We have to upgrade to "Word"  one of Bill Gates' inventions  but we do 
not have much choice thanks to his monopoly.

We need for this purpose three new computers with Windows 95 or 98 and a 
scanner that can make good reproductions of coloured photographs for our 
paper. Nearly all photographs are now in colour compared to the black and 
white of a few years ago.

The Guardian is therefore opening a $6,000 Fund to enable us to make 
the necessary upgrades. We are making this appeal as part of our 
celebration of the 1,000th issue of The Guardian in four issues 
time. This week's issue is No. 996. We hope to have reached our target by 
the 1,000th issue.

We are appealing once again for your help. All contributions will be 
acknowledged in the columns of The Guardian unless you request that 
we do otherwise.

We thank you in advance for your assistance.

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