The Guardian March 15, 2000

China, Russia maintain "strategic partnership"

China and Russia will continue to make joint efforts to strengthen 
global strategic stability and regional security.

"In the current situation, maintaining global strategic stability is of 
special significance to keeping world peace", said a communique released 
after a meeting between acting Russian President Vladimir Putin and China's 
Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan. This is the first high-level meeting between 
the two countries since the appointment of Putin as acting President 
following the resignation of Boris Yeltsin.

Regarding the ABM (Anti-Ballistic Missile) treaty reached in 1972 as the 
basis of strategic stability, the two countries highly valued their joint 
efforts at the United Nations and other international organisations to 
achieve comprehensive and strict implementation of the treaty.

Russia and China reaffirmed that the two nations share common viewpoints on 
guaranteeing security and stability in their peripheral regions, such as 
the Asia-Pacific, Central Asia and South Asia.

Both China and Russia support the active efforts by Asian-Pacific 
international organisations and some Asian countries to preserve regional 
security and create non-nuclear weapon zones, said the communique.

It pointed out that the strategic partnership between Russia and China was 
not directed against any third country, conforms to the fundamental 
interests of the two countries as well as the establishment of a just and 
reasonable new world order.


The two leaders said that any attempt to destroy the territorial integrity 
of a sovereign state is unacceptable. Russia praised China on its 
resumption of sovereignty over Hongkong and Macao and reiterated its stand 
that Taiwan is part of China. The communique said that Russia supported 
China's efforts to achieve peaceful national reunification.

China expressed support for Russia's anti-terrorist operations in Chechnya.

An agreement was signed in connection with future exchanges between the two 

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