The Guardian March 1, 2000

Zuganov's election appeal

The Presidential candidate of the Communist Party of the Russian 
Federation, Gennadi Zuganov, has made a passionate appeal to the patriots 
of Russia and for victory in the elections to take place on March 26.

"I appeal to you in a difficult time when a new grave threat is hanging 
over our Motherland", he said. "The authorities are trying to conceal the 
truth about the tragic situation in the country."

He warned that should the current policies be continued, then, "at the 
beginning of the summer, Russia will see a new economic collapse. Millions 
of people will lose their jobs. Prices will skyrocket. People's meagre 
savings will further depreciate.

"Pensions, stipends, allowances and wages payments will be again stopped. 
Housing rents, communal fees, transport fare and communications rates will 
zoom several times over. Free education and medical services will be 

Zuganov said that the ruling oligarchs who have robbed the people know 
better than others that a new collapse is approaching fast.


"To remain in power, they have decided to deceive you once again. They have 
removed Yeltsin from power and announced an early presidential election 
before the truth is revealed. They have decided to enthrone an obedient and 
merciless executor who will pacify the hungry and protect the oligarchs' 

"The regime of Yeltsin's heirs will bring you poverty and extermination. 
Dictatorship and rampant violence are in store for Russia if you let 
yourselves be deceived."

"To save the country, the economic and social policy must be immediately 
changed", said Zuganov.

The Communist Party of the Russian Federation and the For Victory! 
movement, which nominated Zuganov as their Presidential candidate has put 
forward a program for the country's salvation and to ensure stable economic 

Program for salvation

"These measures will be carried out by a team of professionals", said 
Zuganov. The program calls for: 

* pensions, allowances and salaries to civil servants to be raised 

* a minimum wage and pension to be not less than 1,000 rubles a month;

* salaries of teachers and doctors of not less than 3,000 rubles a month;

* state control over the prices of basic foodstuffs and other essentials. 
Restoration of cheap housing and communal services including free education 
and health care;

"I guarantee the recovery, within five years, of your savings depreciated 
by Gaidar and Kiriyenko", said Zuganov.

"I know where and how to find money to fulfill this program. Our country is 
still very rich. The people and the State must be returned the property 
they have been robbed of.

"Millions of highly skilled specialists  workers, engineers and 
scientists  will be able to get back to jobs they are committed to. All 
honest entrepreneurs will breathe easily. I guarantee timely and fair 
labour remuneration, immunity for legally obtained property.

"The State will support enterprises with all forms of ownership and will 
ensure equal conditions for their development.

"Economic growth", said Zuganov, "will help stop the extinction of the 
Russian people, ensure a worthy future for our children and grandchildren, 
restore the country's defence potential and assist the development of 
culture and enhance public spirit."

Zuganov promised to wage a resolute struggle against crime and corruption.

"I am not seeking absolute power which Yeltsin sought and which his heirs 
strive to retain. I am ready to cooperate with all those who share the 
ideals of justice, sovereignty of the people, and patriotism.

"With all those who respect freedoms, human rights and everything that is 
sacred to our nation. Together we will ensure peace and order in the 
country, and well-being of every family", he said.

"We will build a Free Russia that we will be proud of, a New Russia that 
will attract all fraternal peoples, a Great Russia, the first among equals 
in the international community.

"The future of our Motherland, your future and the future of your children 
is in your hands! Your vote can save Russia!", concluded Zuganov's appeal.

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