The Guardian
Issue No: 989February 23, 2000
Editorial: Defend the UN Charter
Action to end brutal mandatory sentencing laws
Olympic campaign for the battlers
Vote "NO" to NRMA privatisation
Government legislates
to crush environmental protests

Maintain pressure for workers' entitlements
Open season on
class sizes and teacher numbers

Victorian dispute white hot
Breakthrough for Adsteam tug crew
Funky Play School and the big sell
Mater Hospital says "no" to privatisation
Statement by the Sudanese Communist Party
War in the Caucusus: The politics of oil
South Africa:
State of Nation address by President Mbeki
Britain: Privatisation menaces 40% of schools
Russia: workers defeat corruption
India: Actions against privatisation
Britain: Arms giants slug it out
Global union network
makes Rio Tinto an offer

USA: More billionaires, more poor people
Culture and Life
False intelligence: We spy on the CIA