The Guardian February 9, 2000

Cubans are coming!

And they are very welcome. A Cuban delegation from the Sports Ministry 
is here this week as part of Olympic Games preparations. The 
Guardian caught up with Pedro Cabrera Isidron, the delegation member in 

"Two hundred and seventy athletes are coming to the Olympic Games", said Mr 
Isidron. Both team sport and individual sport will be represented at the 
Sydney Games.

"Cuban boxers are extremely good as far as individual sport goes; in team 
competition high hopes ride on baseball players.

"In addition to athletes the Cuban delegation will have doctors, physio-
therapists, judges and other support team which will make the total 
delegation of 400.

"Sport is in our souls, in our hearts so Olympics is part of it", said Mr 
Isidron. He also thinks that sport is one of the reasons for living.

The Cuban delegation was here on an official visit to meet with other 
Olympic representatives, to see the Olympic village and  the sports venues.

It is a normal practice for country representatives to visit the host 
country and Cuba is no exception.

"We are not a rich country so we are able to come here only once before the 
Games", said Mr Isidron.

There are countries which have been to Australia three to four times and 
they keep on coming.

Despite the fact that Cuba is not rich in money, it is super rich in talent 
and generosity.

More than 600 Cuban sports specialists help with training all over the 
world, especially in developing countries. Australia does not have any 
Cuban coaches but there are some in the Oceania region.

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