The Guardian February 9, 2000

Support National Textile workers

The recent loss of jobs in the Hunter Valley textile factory has 
highlighted the free reign that employers have to steal workers' 

The Central Committee Executive of the CPA extends its sympathy to the 
workers and their families who are now in desperate straits, and supports 
them in their fight to win their full entitlements. 

Legislation is needed to protect workers' accumulated annual and long 
service leave, wages, redundancy and other entitlements. These monies are 
the property of the employees not the company. Legislation must place 
workers' entitlements in separate, protected funds, quarantined from 
company assets.

In calling for this, we reject the proposed Howard legislation as both 
entirely inadequate and excusing companies and their directors from their 

The CPA calls for a Senate inquiry to investigate the bankruptcies of 
companies which, at least in some cases, are deliberately contrived to rob 
workers of their entitlements.

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