The Guardian February 9, 2000

While sacked workers fight on ...

While Rio Tinto leads the charge to cut mineworkers' wages and destroy 
their rights and conditions, there was no shortage of money for its 
retiring chief executive officer Leon Davis.

He was rewarded with an obscene $16,000,000 payout for leading his 
company's attacks on trade unions, cuts to workers' wages and conditions, 
mass sackings, human rights violations, and environmental destruction 
around the world.

"It would take a miner earning $85,000 a year more than 188 years to reach 
Davis' payout!", said CFMEU Mining and Energy Division General President 
Tony Maher.

Every cent of Davis' $60 million payout has come from the sweat and hard 
labour of workers, many of them in the most hazardous conditions  workers 
he accuses of being overpaid!

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