The Guardian
Issue No: 986February 2, 2000
Editorial: The people's rising in Ecuador
Workers robbed: bosses grab entitlements
Privatisation demolishes public expertise
The Treasurer's "full-employment" line
Teachers vow to fight on
Further commercial pressure
on the national broadcaster

BHP: strike one to workers
Yallourn sparks dispute
Individual contracts rejected at TasRail
South Australian bus drivers' action
Commercial use of national parks
US imperialism and Caspian oil
New Zealand: Simply voting is not enough...
Ecuador: Revolution: almost but not quite
New York Mayor arrests homeless
Cuba: AIDS vaccine trial
Russia: New Duma convenes
Burma: Forced labour, drugs & military dictatorship
Culture and Life
Made-for-a-buck: Spy vs fascist
Backscratching: Getting the best out of imperialism
AI culture: Commercial means crass