The Guardian February 2, 2000

New York Mayor arrests homeless in night raids

First he ordered the police to round up the homeless and forcibly bring 
them into shelters. Those who refused were arrested. Then he ordered the 
homeless thrown out of shelters if they were unwilling to work a full day 
in exchange for a miserable place to sleep and some food.

Rudy Giuliani, the compassionate Mayor of New York and Senatorial 
candidate then ordered young children taken away from homeless mothers who 
refused to submit to his slave-like workfare work shall make you 
free program.

Now he's ordered homeless men and women in the shelter system woken up in 
middle of-the-night and arrested on outstanding warrants for non-criminal 
violations like drinking, public urination and ... being homeless!

During a press conference on January 20, the Mayor giddily explained that 
there was a direct connection between allowing public urination by the 
homeless (the entire City has no more than a dozen public toilets) and the 
murder rate.

Giuliani laughed repeatedly as he enthusiastically described his latest 
notion for improving the City's quality of life.

The following day the New York Post headlined its story "RUDY A 

Meanwhile, Congressman Charles Rangel (who represents Manhattan) had joined 
former New York Mayor Ed Koch to blast Giuliani for appearing at a Martin 
Luther King Day dinner with Joerg Haider, the right-wing Austrian political 
leader who praises Hitler and the SS.

"Is that a place to celebrate Martin Luther King Day, to be on the same 
dais as the leader of the neo-Nazi Party in Austria?", Koch said at a news 

"Why didn't he denounce Joerg Haider? Why didn't he order Joerg Haider out 
of the hall?"

Perhaps because, basically, they have the same politics and philosophy.

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