The Guardian
Issue No: 985January 26, 2000
Editorial: Stay collective
BHP workers draw line in the sand
The fight against individual contracts
Beware individual contracts
Shifting the cost onto women
Privatising and "christianising"
Australia's Job Network

Olympic city to hide its homeless
Mobil: crisis of self-regulation
Ambulance drivers action to save lives
Labour hire workers unite
Lessons from Weipa
Theory & Practice
The anarchy of capitalism
Mater Hospital fighting for its life
Hitler's choir: rock and roll fascism
Cancel the debt!
New situation after Russian elections
Cuba: Elian Gonzales must go home!
No farewell for this admiral
Reflections on Diego Garcia
Culture and Life
Reds under the Christmas tree: Everywhere!
Stalin remembered: And so did we.
Virtual voting: An on-line election?
Space domination: pyramids to the heavens