The Guardian January 26, 2000

Hitler's choir: rock and roll fascism

by David Lethbridge, The Bethune Institute for Anti-Fascist Studies, 

In 1991, at the age of 21, George Burdi became the Canadian leader of the 
Church of the Creator, an ultra-violent neo-fascist organisation with 
connections to Canada's Heritage Front and to the National Alliance, the 
leading Nazi organisation in the USA. Burdi was the son of wealthy parents 
and attended private schools in the Toronto area. While still a youngster, 
he became associated with Nazi propagandist Ernst Zundel, and far-right 
activist Paul Fromm.

Burdi was also the lead singer for RaHoWa (Racial Holy War), a white power 
racist rock group. Burdi's songs were openly fascist, as the lyrics from 
Third Reich demonstrate:

"Kill all the niggers and gas all the Jews,
"Kill a gypsy and a coloured too,
"You just killed a kike, Don't it feel right,
"Goodness gracious, darn right."

In 1993, Burdi, along with Jason Snow and Joseph Talic, formed Resistance 
Records, an organisation that sold white racist music from bands across 
North America and Europe, published a magazine, and hosted an Internet 

What made Resistance Records particularly dangerous was the high quality of 
their products. Their music CDs were the equal of any mainstream label; 
their magazine was a full-colour, glossy-paper periodical easily available 
in all the major urban centres.

Their Internet site allowed visitors to listen to selected tracks of music, 
and to purchase the CDs virtually instantaneously by simply clicking on the 
Visa and MasterCard logos that were prominently displayed on the webpage.

Burdi ran Resistance Records from across the border in Detroit to avoid 
possible conviction under Canadian hate crime legislation. But by 1997, it 
looked as though Resistance Records had come to an end.

Michigan tax agents seized its assets for failure to pay state sales tax. 
And in the same year, Burdi was sentenced to a year in jail for criminal 
assault during a previous 1993 racist rally.

But the Resistance Records organisation was too valuable a tool for 
recruiting youth for the fascists to let it die. Willis Carto  the 
millionaire fascist behind Liberty Lobby, the largest US anti-semitic 
organisation  hired Todd Blodgett to pay off the Michigan taxes and take 
control of Resistance Records.

Blodgett was a White House staff assistant in the Reagan administration, a 
Republican Party strategist, an advisor to George Bush's election 
committee, and a friend of a wide circle of neo-Nazis.

Carto was soon in financial difficulties, however, over a struggle to 
maintain ownership of the Institute for Historical Review, a Holocaust-
denial propaganda organisation. He was forced to declare bankruptcy, and 
Resistance Records passed to Blodgett.

By March, 1999, Blodgett had sold Resistance to William Pierce, leader of 
the openly Nazi National Alliance, for US$250,000.

Blodgett met with Pierce and two Nazi Skinheads at the very exclusive 
University Club, in Washington, to finalise the arrangements.

Pierce was jubilant. "As Resistance Records regains strength, that 
acquisition should add an increasing number of younger members in the 18 to 
25 age range to our ranks", he wrote.

Blodgett was to continue as the operations manager of Resistance Records, 
which was now relocated to Washington. But in October 1999, Pierce, 
aggravated by delays in Blodgett's management, moved Resistance to National 
Alliance headquarters in West Virginia.

The Resistance magazine is now on the store shelves, at least in the USA. 
The Resistance website is in full operation.

On its home page, Resistance Records bills itself as: "The largest 
producers of White Power music in the world. Our online catalog is the 
biggest and badest ever! Order the best releases by your favourite bands 
and the most bad-ass new music from around the world."

Besides a catalogue of hundreds of racist CDs, the Resistance Records 
website offers the following material for sale:

* "The New Dawn Calendar  celebrating White women and children", 
by an "Aryan" artist;

* the Nazi battle flag, the Nazi SS flag, the Confederate battle flag, and 
the Celtic Cross flag;

* postcards of Nazi rock bands;

* books by William Pierce, including the notorious Turner Diaries  
made famous by Oklahoma City bomber Tim McVeigh  and White Power, 
by George Lincoln Rockwell, the deceased leader of the American Nazi Party;

* posters of Hitler; a computer mouse pad with Hitler's image; and

* taped speeches by George Burdi, and by Bob Mathews, the leader of the 
murderous Nazi group, the Order.

The website "Links page" guides viewers to the National Alliance, the David 
Duke organisation, and to Stormfront  the largest Nazi site on the 

National Alliance is undoubtedly the most significant fascist organisation 
in operation today. It has branches throughout the US, Canada, and Europe. 
With Pierce's takeover of Resistance Records, National Alliance is making a 
serious attempt to recruit white youngsters to Nazism.

During a time of economic boom for the capitalist exploiting class, North 
American youth [and youth in other developed capitalist countries like 
Western Europe and Australia] finds itself increasingly driven into poverty 
and despair.

The gap between "rich" and "poor" has never been greater. Unemployment for 
those with only a high school education is rising sharply. Average real 
hourly wages have steadily declined for the working class since the mid-
1970s, especially for young workers.

For the fascist leaders, and their friends within the State, the time is 
ripe for building a new fascist mass movement. Their cynically-designed 
hook for alienated and desperate youth is the power and the raw energy of 
racist rock.

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