The Guardian January 26, 2000

Beware individual contracts

When I signed my workplace agreement with Hamersley Iron, I thought I 
didn't need a union.

I was paid a shift allowance that covered night shifts, weekends worked and 

With no consultation this allowance was changed and then six weeks later so 
was the maintenance shift on which I worked.

Now I receive no payment for the 26 night shifts I work; I have to work 50 
per cent more weekends; plus I work two hours more a week.

This nine extra weekends and 2.5 extra weeks earns me about $1,500 gross.

There is a "fair treatment system" to discuss/eliminate any feelings of 
mistreatment that an employee may have, and I've been waiting more than 178 
months for an answer to my case.

In general, my conditions have deteriorated, while Hamersley Iron's profits 
have been record-breaking!

John Slattery, crane driver, Hamersley Iron, Dampier

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