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ISSUE 70December 2020



In this issue of the Australian Marxist Review the main focus is on trade unions and their struggles.  more ...

The way forward for trade unions

Warren Smith is the National Assistant Secretary of the Maritime Union of Australia and member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Australia. He was interviewed by Anna Pha for the Australian Marxist Review on the issues currently facing the trade union movement during the present COVID-19 crisis in Australia.  more ...

Theory and Practice of Class-Oriented Community Unionism

One of the key questions that has driven the international Communist movement since its inception is the question of what it means to be a revolutionary and what does revolutionary work look like in non-revolutionary times. Two extremes exist, with one pole believing that revolution can be made entirely through subjective factors and mobilisation of the masses. The other end takes a defeatist approach and negates the necessity of socialist revolution. History does not look favourably upon either extremity. The task of Communists, therefore, is to navigate our course by creative application of Marxism-Leninism. As Lenin said when the Russian Communist movement was in a similar low ebb as we are now, “it is not a question of what path we must choose, but of what practical steps we must take”.  more ...

Miners make history

Emerging dramatically from the dark days of disorganisation and defeat following the 15 months’ lock-out of 1929-30, the coal miners of New South Wales have again made history. Challenging the most powerful groups of vested interests in Australia, they have shown the way out of depression standards, have given lingering defeatism, born of the years of crisis, its final blow.  more ...

The Aboriginal National Minority –
Class and National Formation

The ancestors of the Aborigines came to Australia at least 60,000 years ago. They developed a semi-nomadic, hunting and gathering economy based on communal ownership of the main means of production, the land. Their intimate and detailed knowledge of the land and nature was essential for their economic success.  more ...


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