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ISSUE 69December 2018



Issue 69 of the Australian Marxist Review begins where the previous issue left off: focusing on the situation in Australia and the tasks facing the Party. It begins with General Secretary Bob Briton’s contribution to the International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties. In his report, Bob describes the objective conditions that shaped the Australian proletariat’s current situation and rejects claims that the proletariat are no longer a revolutionary class. Based on this analysis, he clearly states the tasks facing the Communist Party of Australia in this period. more ...

20th International Meeting of
Communist and Workers’ Parties

On behalf of the Communist Party of Australia, I would like to thank the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) for hosting this 20th gathering called the International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties. We would like to acknowledge the crucial role of the KKE in reviving the international meetings and its contribution to the movement over these past 20 years. I would like to send greetings on the centenary of the founding of the KKE and the 50th anniversary of the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE). These are major achievements and milestones and deserve our heartiest congratulations. more ...

Impending global debt crisis, development and the role of the People’s Republic of China

The global economy is still not fully recovered from the 2008 financial crisis and subsequent deep recession, yet economic indicators suggest that the next financial crisis is looming large. Historically, debt-ridden industrialised countries have resorted to war or the further plunder of developing countries to climb out of crises. The highly militarised US economy is in bad shape despite all President Trump’s claims to the contrary and since former President Obama announced the US’s pivot to Asia the Pentagon has focused on preparing for war against China. However, China is playing a leading role in international relations, in particular with the developing countries, by presenting to the world a way forward without war.  more ...

Clipping imperialism’s claws: Why China needs to support communist parties in the imperialist countries

Growing international opposition to One Belt One Road combined with intensified imperialist aggression towards China should encourage Chinese policy makers to reconsider their abandonment of proletarian internationalism in the 1990s. Rather than a financial burden or political risk, practical support for communist parties in imperialist countries is a viable strategy for diminishing the capacity of those states to pursue aggressive anti-Chinese policies. History has proven that communist-led or influenced anti-war movements have limited and occasionally reversed imperialist policies and actions. As communist parties in the imperialist countries begin to rally after the fall of the Soviet Union, the Communist Party of China (CPC) has a unique chance to not only further the cause of Communism internationally, but to secure Chinese national security and foreign policy goals. By understanding the specific challenges that these parties face and providing the help necessary for these parties to achieve “critical mass”, the CPC will be securing the stable and peaceful international situation necessary for China’s peaceful rise. more ...

Scientifically judge the orientation of the times to develop full confidence in socialism with Chinese characteristics and world socialism

Editor’s note: The following article was originally published in Chinese as a contribution to the 9th World Socialism Forum. It is a prime example of Chinese political writing that makes heavy use of official slogans that have deeper meanings than direct English translations can provide. This feature, combined with long sentences filled with commas, makes for difficult reading for the uninitiated. In the interest of preserving Shenming’s precise meaning and intent, we have decided to only edit obvious grammatical errors and to adapt the source to our formatting standards. more ...

“One Belt One Road”: to initiate new globalisation

Globalisation means that all countries, nationalities and regions are mutually dependent, influenced and restricted; global relationships are gradually tightened; the world is compressed to a single whole and; people live on a global scale and develop and form global ideologies and ideas. Centred on economic globalisation, the concept of globalisation involves the aspects of politics, culture, science and technology, military, security, ideology, ways of life and values. more ...

Trade union work – plus!

First, I want to commend the Trade Union Department for calling this conference. It is timely and necessary. It takes place at a very good moment for many reasons, including the fact that we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of May Day. more ...


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