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ISSUE 68September 2018


Editorial notes

This current edition of the AMR looks at two entwined themes, the need for engagement with the reality of Australian political circumstances and how best to organise the Communist Party to do that. As might be expected, our contributors argue for the validity of Marxist Leninist ideas in a world in which social media has become a fertile ground for the politically alienated and the disembedded ultra-left. more ...

“Left” errors – opportunism in “revolutionary” camouflage

Stalin was once asked by a foreign journalist where the greatest threat to Soviet power came from – left errors or right ones. He replied that it came from the ones they were paying least attention to.  more ...

Taking the Party to the People: The 13th National Congress of the Communist Party of Australia

The 13th National Congress of the Communist Party of Australia (CPA), held in December of 2017, provided a golden opportunity for international observers to know more about the struggle of the working class in Australia and what direction it will take in the next few years. This article will briefly introduce the circumstances leading up to the 13th National Congress, how the Party prepared to host the Congress, how the Congress was carried out and the important lessons that members and observers alike can draw from this experience. Ultimately, the 13th National Congress represents the end of a long phase of retreat and consolidation following the collapse of the Soviet Union and the beginning of a new period where members turn the slogan, “Taking the Party to the People”, into reality.  more ...

Class and class analysis

The ideological struggle plays an increasingly important role in the class struggle today. The strengthening and elaboration of the ideological unity of the communist movement, is one of the most important ways to bring new progress to the labour movement. Instead of highlighting the differences, we must seek unity about all that unites by using the method of unity in action. This also applies to class analysis. more ...

How to be a Good Communist: A review of Liu Shaoqi’s famous work and its relevance today

Liu Shaoqi’s How to be a Good Communist is a book that every Communist should read. Despite being published 79 years ago in the mountainous hinterland of China, the standards, advice and examples provided are timeless and as relevant to Communist parties in developed capitalist countries today as they were to the peasant guerrillas of Liu’s time. more ...

Party building and the role of the youth

A basic feature and responsibility of the on-going work of a Marxist Leninist Party is its ability to continually replenish and develop its revolutionary cadre force.  more ...

Capitalism vs Socialism: The great debate

The right-wing think tank the Institute for Public Affairs (IPA) which recently announced the creation of its youth wing, Generation Liberty, held a public debate entitled “Capitalism vs Socialism” at the Wesfarmers Lecture theatre in the Business School of the University of Western Australia. more ...

Capitalism and its primary concepts

“Neo-liberalism refers primarily to the 20th-century resurgence of 19th-century ideas associated with laissez-faire economic liberalism.” more ...


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Michael Hooper (editor)
Bob Briton
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