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ISSUE 67April 2018


Editorial notes

Welcome to the first issue of the Australian Marxist Review for 2018. The 13th Congress of the Communist Party of Australia has come and gone, leaving members with a deep sense of what needs to be done to bring the Party to the People. Issue #67 explores the way forward for the Party before focusing on some specific challenges and opportunities. more ...

CPA Contribution to the 19th International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties

On behalf of the Communist Party of Australia, I would like to thank the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and General Secretary Gennady Zyuganov for the impressive and ambitious program of meetings and celebrations prepared for the representatives of the international Communist movement. The decision to hold the International Meeting in Russia was an obvious one. The centenary of the Great October Socialist Revolution demanded that we meet here on the soil where those epoch-making events took place.  more ...

Is the legacy of the Russian Revolution still relevant today?

The text of a speech given by Brinda Karat of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) at the 2017 Trade Union Congress held in London to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution.  more ...

Culture and agriculture

What will be necessary to attract youth back to agriculture after a socialist revolution? The answers can provide the foundations for a new culture, and an ecological civilisation. more ...

On the illegality of war

Carty identified how the British Government used the invasion of Iraq to try to achieve the entrenchment in international law of an expanded, pre-emptive, self-defence doctrine. Like Kritsiotis, he distinguished between the official legal justification put forward by the British Government for the war – Iraq’s alleged breach of the historic Security Council resolutions reviving Resolution 678 from the Gulf War – and other arguments made by the British Government for political and public consumption. more ...

Nordahl Grieg’s commitment to peace

Recent developments should be the beginning of a renaissance for Nordahl Grieg’s authorship. His efforts for peace and freedom stand as a shining example. more ...

Book Review
Illegal in the summer of 1917
The Blue Notebook

Lenin’s time in Razliv, near Petrograd in the summer of 1917, has inspired at least two works of art – a novel and a symphonic movement. more ...

Marinaleda, a utopia towards peace

This is what we can read in the official seal of Marinaleda. This Spanish village is famous for being the only openly stated socialist village in Europe. In the Council´s main office, you will not find a Spanish flag or the king´s photo as is customary in Spain, but a picture of Che Guevara instead. Among its achievements are its lack of police and unemployment, the expropriation of land from the Dukes of the Infantado, and the provision of rental houses built by the townspeople for just $21 a month. more ...


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Michael Hooper (editor)
Bob Briton
Christopher Crouch

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