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ISSUE 66December 2017


Editorial notes

Welcome to the third issue of the Australian Marxist Review for 2017, a year where communists the world over have come together to remember the glorious events of one hundred years ago and plan for our next great success. Issue #66 provides a strong dialectical analysis of the international situation, combining an exposure of the continuing crimes and drive to war of Imperialism with a revolutionary optimism that humanity, freed from exploitation, will overcome the existential threats capitalism has created. more ...

Caliban’s children:
dehumanisation and imperialism

For generations, feudal and now capitalist governments and their press organs have been engaged in a propaganda war against the “other” in order to convince the populace of the need for war and enslavement against the “other”. The Crusades throughout the Middle East relied heavily on this, as did the Spanish Inquisition and colonisation of Latin America.  more ...

Beyond media sensation, religion and democracy: a class analysis of political developments in Turkey

If media hyperbole were to be believed, Turkey has been transformed from a thriving democracy into an Islamic dictatorship by the actions of Recep Erdogan and his Justice and Development Party (AKP). Even the military coup that attempted to oust the Turkish leader has been alternately praised as the act of civically-minded, democracy loving generals or a dastardly false-flag by Erdogan himself.  more ...

On the illegality of war

The contestable nature of international law and its volatile dynamic was again demonstrated in relation to the 2003 Iraq War. The argumentation surrounding the question of that war’s legality under international law also reveals there are sound bases to assert that the war was illegal. more ...

Richard Levins, ecological agriculture, and revolutionary optimism

Decaying capitalism threatens the social and environmental foundations of human existence. Ecological agriculture can play an important role in reversing the destruction, and achieving social and environmental sustainability. The working class must take power to support and guide it. With Richard Levins’ assistance, ecological agriculture was pioneered in Cuba, guided by the Communist Party and Marxism. more ...

Book Review
The Undesirables – Inside Nauru

Australia’s record with refugees is, in the main, not one to be proud of. At the end of World War II, while people everywhere celebrated the final defeat of fascism, Australia’s immigration minister was making our country a safe haven for escaping Nazis, fascist collaborators and anti-Soviet terrorists angry at the defeat of the Germans they had had such high hopes for. more ...

Abstracts from World Socialism Research

In recent years, the Communist Party of China has begun to re-engage with the international Communist movement after a long period of absence. Part of this re-emergence is the publication of a new academic journal, World Socialism Research, by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Currently up to its seventh issue, the journal welcomes Marxist analysis on a range of topics. more ...


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Editorial Board Members:

Dr Hannah Middleton (editor)
Michael Hooper (assistant-editor)
David Matters
Bob Briton

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