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ISSUE 66December 2017

Abstracts from World Socialism Research, a new journal from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Editorial Note: In recent years, the Communist Party of China has begun to re-engage with the international Communist movement after a long period of absence. Part of this re-emergence is the publication of a new academic journal, World Socialism Research, by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Currently up to its seventh issue, the journal welcomes Marxist analysis on a range of topics. Although the journal is currently only published in Chinese, abstracts are available in English and AMR readers who ask very nicely may find translations of the articles they seek in their Christmas stocking. For further information, please contact the editorial board at

Why Trump was able to ascend the historical stage – reflections on Trump, American conservatism and fascism

The financial crisis of 2008 in the United States was an explosion of all the economic, political and social contradictions that accumulated since the initiation of neo-liberal policies in the 1980s. In the years following the crisis, the United States and the entire capitalist system have been facing profound changes. Deepening of neo-liberal policies, polarization and class struggle have intensified on an unprecedented scale, which eventually led to the Brexit in the UK and the Saunders and Trump phenomena in the US presidential election. The racist tradition of the United States, as an important tool of inducing the white working class to support monopoly capital, brought about support for Trump from both the monopolistic financial groups and large numbers of lumpen-proletarians.

Maintaining the “public” nature of public hospitals is a key to healthcare reform

Hospitals, like schools, are important public services that are absolutely necessary for people’s lives. Public services should be operated mainly by the state and government. Handing them over to domestic or foreign capital would soon drain public hospitals and schools of their best staff members, with offers of high salaries by privately operated ones. In this way, people will have to go to private hospitals when they are suffering from complicated and refractory diseases, and private schools for quality education. Failure to address these most important issues concerning people’s livelihoods will affect the consolidation of our state power and the CPC’s status as the governing party.

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